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Flowers Galore was an inspiration and a celebration of the lives of Jerry and Doris Heminger created by the hard work and dedication to excellence by their daughter and owner, Karen Ackerman.

She was born and raised in Camden, MI and from an early age loved working with flowers as did her grandfather, grandmother and mother. After living in the area all her life she decided that she wanted to move into Flower Farming. This was a good way to make a difference in her local community by supporting the quality care of our resources, all the while making a difference in the lives of others.


The farm is a sustainable farm and we are here to work hard and to provide the safest and freshest flowers possible, which means no chemicals are used here, so go ahead and "Smell the Flowers."

Our Vision


"Is to use the natural resources we have while protecting them and to educate people about quality and vase life of local flowers.

You can purchase flowers from anywhere, but only we can guarantee the quality and safety of the flowers by not using chemicals to enrich our floral. Every stem is hand treated and picked, ensuring the freshest, most beautiful flowers we can offer. We want our customers to smell deeply, smile brightly and walk away knowing they have some of the largest, and most beautiful flowers in town, all at a great price."


-Karen Ackerman