We work directly with our brides to create gorgeous bouquets for their weddings and specialize in bouquets by the bucket for the D.I.Y. Bride.
Assist with ALL their floral needs.
We offer a unique experience like none other. My brides walk with me in my field and get to choose flowers that they would love in their bouquets. 
I work with local florist, wedding planners, stores and individuals to bring you the most beautiful bouquets possible!
On location flower cart that offers you a fresh, beautiful bouquet that's cash and carry!
I will gladly set a time to meet and discuss any questions you may have regarding your floral questions.
We strive to grow organic, highest quality, fresh cut flowers that our brides, florist and friends alike can feel safe to smell, touch and share with others without any concern of a pesticide being present. It's so important to me to educate others in the fact that most other flowers have traveled many miles, most of which are loaded with pesticides, as there are no regulations on flowers brought into the United States. I take pride in every bouquet that is cut. Call me and I will be more than happy to create that custom bouquet that's perfect for any occasion.